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Posted on October 20, 2022

You achieved great marks in matric and are in a field of study you care about. You’re now preparing for your dream job or developing a great business idea with your qualification. But coming to university can have various financial implications for you and your family. There are added expenses in terms of living costs, books and stationery, equipment, data, clothing and transport.

We know that circumstances are different for everyone, but we’re here to help you. This is how we live THE UP WAY.

We have a range of financial aid options available including bursaries, loans and scholarships. However, we cannot help you if we don’t know who you are or where you are.

In order to qualify for financial aid, you need to register on our database. When funds are available and we can match them to your circumstances, you will be assisted.

We’re here to help you, so please register and we’ll try our best to find funding to suit some or all your needs. In this way, you can focus on your studies without the additional stress of worrying about your family’s finances and yours.

Who qualifies for University of Pretoria financial aid funding?

Current students and alumni with historic debt qualify for financial aid. Simply register on our database. Parents and guardians can contact us too should they have any questions. Many students fall into the missing middle category (they qualify for NSFAS but can’t afford all the university costs). They are also eligible to apply.

Why should you register for University of Pretoria financial aid funding?

Some donors and funders are interested in specific fields of study so they will contribute funds towards the assistance of students in that particular field. If you are one of these students, and you’re registered, then we know that we can ease the financial burden of studying and credit your account with applicable funds when available and should you meet the criteria that qualifies you for the funding.

If I register, do I automatically get funds for University of Pretoria financial aid funding?

No, funds are allocated based on the criteria specified by the donor. You need to be registered on our database and as funds become available, they will be disbursed. We try our best to find financial aid for all our students as soon as funding is available, but there is a waiting list.

Do I have to register for University of Pretoria financial aid funding?

Yes, if we don’t know that you are in need of financial aid, we cannot help you. Many students only realise that they could have applied when they reach the end of their degree and their outstanding fees have accumulated over the years. These students become graduates with historic debt. Then we have to wait for funders willing to fund this. It is easier if you register as soon as you realise you will need financial aid.

What type of University of Pretoria financial aid funding is available?

There are numerous ways of funding your studies. The most notable are loans, which you’re required to pay back, and bursaries. These are awarded to students with good marks but are in financial need. The bursaries may also be linked to other opportunities, including: internships, exchange student programmes, scholarships, mentorship (counselling and career/ entrepreneurship workshops), and a partial bursary where parts of your studies are funded. These may or may not carry conditions, for example, academic achievement or internships. It is important that you understand the conditions (or lack of) attached to different types of financial aid.

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